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How to install an air conditioner split system

Installing a split air conditioning system requires care and precision to maximize its efficiency and minimize energy consumption. Do so to avoid increased maintenance costs and reduced performance.

Proper installation of an air conditioning unit is an intricate, delicate job that should only be handled by an experienced professional. A proper installation is crucial to maximizing system efficiency and longevity. Correct installation will ensure that the homeowner enjoys optimal cooling and comfort.

Let us learn a quick guide on installing an Air Conditioner split system.

Steps to Install Air Conditioner Split System

Select the right installation area

Select a suitable wall for installing indoor and outdoor Split AC units. The wall/fence must be strong enough to withstand any vibrations caused by the unit. Moreover, it must have a distance of 15 cm from the sides and above for the unit to work efficiently.

Secure the mounting plate to the interior wall

Position the mounting plate on the wall at the desired location. Ensure that it is in a horizontal plane. Use a bubble level or a measuring tape if a bubble level is unavailable for accurate placement. After positioning the plate, mark the drill points.

Create a hole in the wall to fit the piping

Using the marks as a guide, drill holes and install plastic anchors. Secure the mounting plate and firmly tighten the screws. Subsequently, create a gap of approximately 7-8 cm in an appropriate spot to allow the pipes and wires to extend to the exterior split AC unit.

Disconnect the front panel of the split AC and carefully raise it towards the mounting plate. Insert the two copper pipes, drainage pipe, and wire through the tube hole drilled into the wall. Correctly mold the bends in the copper pipes to ensure optimal cooling performance. It is advisable to tie all the lines together securely.

Check the electrical connections

Check the electrical connections properly before affixing the pipes and sealing the hole.

Connect the pipes

Securely affix the pipes to the wall with clamps and shield them from the elements with metal or plastic trunking before they arrive at the outdoor unit.

Seal the hole to complete the split air conditioner installation

Seal the gap in the wall using weatherproof silicone to prevent water from entering after completing the split air conditioner installation. Allow the silicone to dry for the duration indicated on the packaging before activating the air conditioner.

Frequently asked questions

Are split air conditioners worth it?

Mini-split systems offer several advantages over traditional central air units, including greater energy efficiency, easy installation, and the ability to heat and cool. You can see a decrease in your energy bills following installation. To summarise, the answer is a definite yes!

How much does it cost to install a split unit ac?

The cost of installing a split air conditioner depends on several variables, such as the number of indoor units and desired level of cooling power. Installing a ductless system can save costs compared to a central air system, primarily if no pre-existing ductwork exists.

Why should I install a split ac system?

The implementation of split air conditioning systems offers a range of benefits and a more cost-effective solution than ducted central air conditioning systems.

These systems have a greater capacity than window units, making them an excellent option for larger spaces.

Ductless HVAC systems represent a cost-effective alternative to retrofitting older homes while offering personalized layouts and design options.

Moreover, split AC systems are more energy efficient than traditional central AC systems due to reduced energy losses through their ductless design.

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