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A home with outdated wiring could pose a risk to its occupants. When undertaking an extension or renovation, it is essential to ensure the electrical wiring is compliant with current standards to ensure the home’s safety.

It is imperative to utilise only top-tier electrical cables, wiring, and supplies. Ensuring your electrical work is up to code will provide assurance, and it is prudent to take the necessary steps to hire a competent electrician for your residence.

Icebolt Electrical offers the most efficient wiring services for homes in Brisbane. We are a quality-driven electrical company committed to providing outstanding customer results.

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Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring?

The presence of outdated wiring in your home can threaten your family’s safety and adversely affect its resale value. Here are some signs to look for.


Look for signs that your house needs rewiring; age is one of the most superficial signs. The best method for identifying obsolete installations is to consider the length of time since the last rewiring.


Circuit breakers trip when a circuit exceeds its amp rating.
If your circuit breaker trips too frequently, this is a clear sign that your wiring has a problem.


If a burning odor persists, it indicates that your home needs rewiring.

If you detect a burning odor and cannot identify the source, switch off the power at the circuit and immediately contact an electrician.

You will need to replace the original wiring of houses built in the 50s, 60s, and 70s with modern PVC-coated wiring. Additionally, these older installations lack circuit breakers, so you won’t get a warning of an outage when problems occur.

Lights flickering or dimming

A flickering or dimming light is one of the most common signs that your house needs rewiring. A dim light indicates too little voltage. Even though this can seem like a problem with the bulb itself, loose wiring or faulty circuits are more likely to cause a spike or decline in power.

Fuse blows regularly

You may need to upgrade your older style fuses to more modern circuit breakers if they regularly blow due to the increasing amount of technology and electrical appliances in our homes.

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Why Choose Icebolt Electrical For All-purpose

Icebolt Electrical provides complete home rewiring solutions with certified electricians.

Fast & Reliable Service

We offer reliable and quality service with quick resolution.


Whatever the time on the clock, we are on time at your home for fast resolution.

Experience & Trust

We are one of the most trusted electricians with many years of experience in home rewiring.


Our services are of top quality and are customer oriented.

Complete Electrical Rewiring In Brisbane

Our technician’s Licence and training in the latest technology give you professional cost-saving advice, affordable solutions, and quality service. Icebolt Electrical takes pride in all jobs and stands by the artistry.

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Are You Looking to Have Your Home Rewired?

Consider the house size, the number of electric outlets, the layout of the circuits, and the type of electrical service when you rewire a house. Completely changing the wiring system may consume a lot of time and money.

Depending on the state of the old wiring system, the entire electrical service can take up to 3 to 10 days.

Hiring a professional to rewire a house is always better and safer.

We have over a decade of professional wiring experience and can safely and efficiently complete any service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rewiring a house entails replacing existing back boxes on switches and sockets, running new electric cables throughout the structure, and reconfiguring wiring on lighting and power circuits.

The costs of rewiring involve various factors and conditions. Call us to learn more!

You should rewire your house every 25 years; however, the need for rewiring may arise sooner if specific indications are present. If, after replacing light bulbs, the lights flicker or dim, it may be an indication of an overloaded electrical system.

If your sockets are not functioning correctly or your circuit breakers are tripping consistently, you may have an electrical issue. If your pre-existing wiring does not have adequate earthing, you may need to explore the possibility of rewiring. An experienced electrician can determine if your home needs rewiring.

Your project’s complexity and costs will depend on various factors, including the number of rooms and wiring type. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about your unique needs.

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If you experience flickering or dimming of your lights or notice a burning odor emanating from switches, you should contact a professional electrician for an inspection. Icebolt Electrical is the premier local electrician in Brisbane for reliable rewiring solutions.

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