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Safety switch electrician

Safety Switch Installation

The security of your family is paramount. To protect everyone and everything, it is essential to have a few electrical devices installed, such as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) or safety switches. While fuses and circuit breakers safeguard your electronic devices, safety switches help to guard against electric shocks. Icebolt Electrical electricians possess a high level of expertise and training in installing safety switches to either an existing switchboard or a newly constructed residence.

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Safety Switch Electrician Brisbane

Your search for a safety switch electrician in Brisbane ends with Icebolt Electrical. Our team of experts has become the go-to electricians for safety switches in Brisbane and Gold Coast. With vast experience in electrical structures, our licenced and highly skilled electricians are well capable of implementing and installing safety switches in your homes.

For your safety switch problems, have our team check it out. You can’t be too sure if a small defect might lead to a fire hazard. We will determine whether you need to replace your safety switch or simple troubleshooting can fix it. Our electrical experts strictly observe safety standards established by product and equipment manufacturers, local councils, and the Australian government so your home is in good hands with Icebolt.

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Safety Switch Installation Technician

You don’t have to look further for a reliable, professional safety switch installation technician you can trust. Icebolt is teeming with highly skilled licenced electricians and technicians that can work on your safety switches and other electrical needs. Our vastly experienced team can boast of over 20 years of serving the needs of homeowners, residential property owners, real estate developers and agents alike, with 5-star reviews and hundreds of referrals under our belt.

Our very capable team can take on anything required of their expertise, from design and implementation to procurement and installation, from repairs to maintenance of your safety switches. Call us and discover what we can do for you and your home.

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Types of Safety Switches

Different types of safety switches are available to suit a variety of needs. We suggest considering the following options.

Switchboard Units

These safety switches are installed on individual circuits throughout the residence, safeguarding selected electrical circuits and any electrical appliances or extension cords connected to the protected power points.

Power Point Units

This safety switches safeguard appliances, power cords, and other electrical wiring and power points connected to the same circuit by replacing an existing power point.

Portable Units

These switches are ideal for individuals utilizing power tools or electrical appliances where a switchboard or power point safety switch is unavailable. They protect against potential faults in the equipment directly plugged into them.

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Benefits of Safety Switch Installation

Safety switches are an essential element of electrical safety, as they disconnect the circuit in the event of a risk of electrocution. This is particularly important in areas where equipment may be exposed to moisture or damage, as it can reduce the likelihood of a dangerous situation arising.

Safety switches protection offers the optimal combination of safeguards for both appliances and cables from short-circuiting or overloads, as well as protecting people from electrocution in the event of contact with live components.

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Switchboard upgrades system | Icebolt Electrical

Electrical Safety Switch Installation

If you want your electrical safety switch installation done professionally, call in the experts—Icebolt Electrical. We have installed hundreds of safety switches in all types of homes and residential buildings. Our work has been reviewed and praised by our satisfied customers so give us a call if you need your safety switched checked by us.

We believe that proper attention should be given to these safety switches as they are your first line of defence from any electrical or fire hazard. Our team of vastly experienced, licensed, and expert technicians and electricals have done countless safety switch installations, strictly observing safety standards mandated by the local council and the Australian government. Our exceptional workmanship has also kept a lot of homes safe for over two decades now.

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Get Your Safety Switch Installed by Trained Electricians!

Icebolt Electrical’s experienced team is readily available to provide you with assistance and consultation regarding safety switches. Talk to one of our specialists by calling 0435205708 to find out more.

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