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Split System Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

Air Conditioners help stabilise the room temperature of your home or office. So whenever you need to install an air conditioner, you always think of the right air conditioner installer.

Icebolt Electrical offers expert split air conditioning services like installation, repair, and maintenance in Brisbane for your home or office premises. We provide the best performance and efficiency for your split air conditioner.

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How Split System Air Conditioners Work

A split system air conditioner utilises refrigerant gas to cool its interior. The refrigerant gas gets circulated through the condenser, which gets converted into a liquid state. This liquid then pushes through the evaporator, which converts it back into a gas and disperses the cooled air. The rapid expansion of the gas provides a fast and efficient cooling process.

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Split System Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane | Icebolt Electrical

Why Install a Split System Air Conditioner

A split air conditioner system provides room temperature control and comfort to a home or office. In addition, a split air conditioner offers many benefits, some of which are:

1. Energy Efficient
2. Easy to install and takes less time
3. Noise control
4. Attractive design
5. Provide both cooling and heating
6. Produces less moisture
7. Multi split systems for multiple rooms

Installing A Split System Air Conditioner

Split System Installation Brisbane

Icebolt’s split system installation in Brisbane is done by experts who have installed hundreds of split systems in different homes and business establishments from Brisbane to Gold Coast. Installing split systems is not as easy as you think and you will definitely need us to:

o Prepare the location where it will be installed
o Securely fasten the mounting brackets
o Drill holes and run pipes and wiring through it
o Mount and connect the indoor then the outdoor units
o Fix the piping to the wall and seal the hole

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Benefits of Air Conditioning System | Icebolt Electrical

Why Icebolt Electrical for Installing Split System Air Conditioners?

Icebolt Electrical is a pioneer in air conditioner installation and, in particular, installing Split System Air conditioners.

1. We are professional and fully licensed technicians.
2. We have been in the air conditioning installation business for over 25 years.
3. Excellent after-sales repair and maintenance services
4. We install only the best quality brands of air conditioners.
5. Quality Workmanship

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Professional HVAC engineer repairing air conditioner indoors | Icebolt Electrical

Split System Maintenance

Split system maintenance is a job for professionals. Call in the experts to provide the highest quality maintenance work that won’t break the bank. With almost three decades’ worth of experience, our Icebolt air conditioning maintenance experts can ensure that your units will be working for a long, long time.

You should do regular preventive maintenance for your split system air conditioning systems in order for them to work at their best. This will prolong the systems’ functionality, preventing you from spending on frequent repairs and replacements at the end of the day. Our team will see to it that after the maintenance service, your split system air conditioning systems are as good as new.

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Installing A Split System Air Conditioner

Split System Repairs

For fast and reliable split system repairs, call the Icebolt team of licenced and experienced air conditioning specialists. We’re the go-to experts when you need your split systems repaired in no time at all. Equipped with skills and knowledge acquired from our more than 25 years in the industry, our service and repair leave your air conditioning units as good as the first time you bought them.

Whether it’s repairing single split or multiple split systems, our high-quality workmanship and work guarantee will put your mind at ease. Our hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong. Reach out to us and find out for yourself what the others are raving about.

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Are you looking for a professional and experienced Split Air conditioner installation?

Residents of Brisbane and its surrounding areas rely on us to install split-system air conditioners. As the leading installer of split air conditioners in the area, we can assist you in determining whether this type of air conditioning is the best choice for your needs. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help our customers for expert advice in installing split air conditioners.

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