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Icebolt Electrical can help you make your vision a reality, whether you want to renovate or extend your Brisbane home. Our team will work with you to create the perfect property for you, allowing you to transform your home into your dream home.

Careful planning, thoughtful design, and selecting a qualified electrical contractor can enhance the livability and sustainability of your residence.

Due to our experience in home renovation, you can trust our team to deliver your project on time and within budget.

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Why should you get your Home Renewed

If your home is satisfactory and no urgent repairs are required, a home renovation may not be an immediate consideration.

However, a home renovation can yield numerous advantages, which include

Increase the value of the property

Home renovations can significantly enhance the value of your home. From improved resale value to higher asking prices, upgrading your home can be a wise investment regardless of whether you plan to sell it soon.

Lowering your energy costs

The increase in energy costs for most homeowners is likely to persist. Renovating your home can be an excellent way to reduce energy expenses.
Furthermore, upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances can substantially impact the energy consumed.

Customized living space

Spending time in the home can be disconcerting when there are aspects of it that one desires to alter. In such cases, feelings of unease and stress may arise due to the inability to achieve comfort and relaxation.

In such cases, customized living space can give you freedom and space.

Improve the quality of life

Renovating your home to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere will create a more calming environment to experience. It will free you from procrastination and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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Why Choose Icebolt Electrical For Home Renovations

Icebolt Electrical offers comprehensive home renovation solutions delivered by a highly experienced team. Our services come with numerous advantages, including the following:

Fast & Reliable Service

We provide timely and superior service to ensure customer satisfaction.


No matter the hour, we promptly arrive at your residence to address the issue efficiently.

Experience & Trust

Our team of highly experienced electricians has earned a reputation for delivering reliable home rewiring services.


Our offerings are superior in quality and prioritize customer satisfaction.

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Complete Home Renovations In Brisbane

At Icebolt Electrical, we are committed to delivering your renovation dreams. We understand that each home has unique needs, so we provide a comprehensive range of electrical renovation services to cater to your objectives and financial resources.

Icebolt Electrical helps you bring your renovation plans to life by providing comprehensive renovation services.

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Are You Looking To Have Your Home Renovated?

Our team of qualified professional electricians can provide comprehensive solutions for all your electrical needs, including complete renovation or minor upgrades.

Whether you’re renovating your home or replacing a light fixture, we have the expertise you need.

We have taken on many renovation projects, from minor kitchen fixtures to large-scale extensions and complete house restorations. Observing a property’s transformation and bringing the client’s vision to fruition is immensely gratifying.

We are delighted to be involved in helping bring your project vision to life. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing the customer’s delight upon activation and feeling proud of the completed work.

With such a broad range of possibilities, your renovation project can be whatever you dream it to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Updating a space or property may include the installation of new appliances, hardware fittings, and lighting fixtures.

Reparation works such as window light fixing or reinstallation, cabinet problems,etc and any necessary upgrades to outdated systems can help to revitalize the space without large-scale alterations.

The cost depends upon various factors and conditions. Call us to learn more!

Electricity is a common amenity in the average household and is often taken for granted. However, in older homes, this convenience can become a potential hazard due to outdated home amp capacity. These homes may be at risk for safety issues, fire hazards, power surges, and lack of power.In such cases,it is essential to renovate or take renovation into consideration.

Need A Skilled Electrician For Your Home Renovation?

Icebolt Electrical provides custom electrical solutions for homeowners during a renovation project. With our electricians, you can achieve the look and feel you desire for your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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