Emergency Electrician

The timing of an electrical emergency can be pretty inconvenient. People are susceptible to it regardless of any time of day or night. Icebolt Electrician technicians will provide you with prompt service in the situation of an electrical emergency.

With the help of our team of certified emergency electricians, we will restore your power system’s operation and mitigate any potential hazards.

We provide emergency service 24 hours a day.

An Electrician for Emergencies

Exposed cables, wires, and faulty appliances are potentially life-threatening dangers that can cause injuries, sometimes even death.

It doesn’t matter what the time is, our emergency electricians will be present to fix the electrical faults for the safety and comfort of our clients.

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Electrical Emergency Indications

Icebolt Electrical helps with emergencies like power outages (complete power failures or blackouts), short circuits, and fires that can occur with electrical equipment. Here are a few examples of electrical emergencies:

Fallen power lines
Electrical shocks
Electrical fire
Power outages
Noisy switches
Burnt circuit breakers
Burnt smell from electric equipments
Burnt outlets
Recurring problems with appliances

We  need to remain alert during natural calamities like storms and floods.

The best thing you can do in such situations is to not touch wires or switches to avoid injuries. Please call our emergency electrician right away to fix electrical problems professionally.

There is also a possibility that water damage will affect switches, fuses, outlets, wiring, and devices. Lightning can cause electric shocks affecting power lines. Thus, it is best to take precautions such as:

Consider installing a surge protector.
Protect solar power and switches by isolating them.
Make sure all electrical components and outlets are turned off.

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Why Choose Icebolt Electrical for Emergency Electricians?

Icebolt electrical provides quality workmanship in the maintenance, repair, and installation of any electrical emergency services.

Offering professional services:
We provide reliable and professional emergency electricians that will solve your electrical problems effectively.

A Cost-Effective Approach:
At a competitive and affordable rate, we provide cost-effective emergency electrical solutions.

Insured & licensed:
As per the Australian standards, all of our electricians are certified and licensed to carry out emergency electrical work.

Specialised & Reliable Services:
Our high-quality services make us trustworthy. We specialise in delivering our emergency electrical services on time.

24 Hours Availability:
Our emergency electrician is available 24 hours a day.

Looking for a Reliable Emergency Electrician?

Icebolt Electrical is the perfect choice for emergency electrical services in Brisbane. In addition to providing high-quality electrical solutions, we also offer the most effective solutions. We train our technicians to perform jobs of any size with integrity. Our goal is to provide superior electrical service without compromising safety.

Feel free to contact us and give us a call today!

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